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Choosing an Administrative Plan

One of the most important aspects to consider when implementing a network in any business is the administrative plan that you use. The administrative plan needs to take into account the growth of the personal computer industry and the effect it has had on the needs of information services for businesses.

Like most things, networks started out small. For example, a few computers in a lab were connected so that they could share data and a printer. Nevertheless, the potential of networking was soon discovered and the networks started to grow.


A network does not run successfully by itself. It has to be managed by knowledgeable personnel that can detect and resolve any problems that may occur. Work will be easier if an administrative plan, develop and implement a successful network. It is important to monitor your network for trends as it can help you to determine the overall "health" of the network.

You think that you may have a performance problem on your network. What do you do? Some strategies and solutions that can assist you in determining the extent of your problem and how to plan for growth of the network in the future.

Advantages of Client/Server

The primary advantage of a client/server architecture is its ability to be distributed to different computers. Part of the processing is handled by the server and part by the client. One server can service many, even thousands of clients. A well-designed client/server system is much more efficient than a more traditional architecture. By far, the largest advantage of using a client/server architecture is that many clients can access the data on the server at the same time, where in a more traditional architecture, only one user can work on the data at one time.

Consulting to Decision Processing Users

For companies seeking to exploit decision processing information technologies, database Associates consultants:

*Teach a comprehensive program of classes on decision processing.

*Help architects and designers to compare, evaluate, and select new decision processing software technologies and tools.

*Help implementers incorporate new decision processing information technologies into their in-house development or production environments.

On large complex projects, our consultants technical skills combined with their experience in application and system development can foster communication among the participants, e.g., business analysts, database administrators, programmers, and systems analysts.

Consulting to Software Vendors

For vendors who develop and market decision processing software products, database RVA's consultants:

*Work with product designers and software architects on the design of new software. This may involve education-related products and technologies, research and analysis of competitive products, conducting and participating in focus groups, group brainstorming sessions, and creating new product designs and specifications.

*Support product managers or marketing managers with competitive analysis and product positioning. This usually involves research, analysis, writing reports or papers for internal use, and presenting our findings.

Depending on the client’s problem RVA’s organized task forces selected to meet the technological problem in case. We handle any assignment from simple enquiries to long-term projects.

The results you can expect are:

*reduced development costs

*improved efficiency

*better competitiveness

*knowledge transfer, in-sourcing of global knowledge

Security Planning

Security planning is an essential part of a network. By restricting access at each step, you can make the network more secure without making it more difficult to use. Some of the security methods include a known level of security, effective security policy, security training, and restricting physical access.

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