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Database Design & Customization

At RVA Direct Inc., we recognize that the execution and performance of a development project can only be as good as the planning behind it. Accordingly, our staff assists clients in establishing long-term goals and assessing options to meet those goals within a practical engineering context.

When a tentative long-term plan is established, we undertake due diligence review and feasibility studies that address a full range of pertinent considerations. We investigate all ramifications for proposed strategies pertaining to our client.

In developing our recommendations, we always attempt to achieve the best use of the site in terms of an appropriate balance between elegant appeal and development efficiency. And, acting in the client's best interest, we always give due consideration to the financial ramifications of our solutions.

Database Management Solutions

RVA Direct Inc. provides cost-effective database management solutions for businesses of all sizes. Businesses can benefit from RVA independence from the software manufacturers in giving objective solutions to creating and implementing database management systems. RVA will recommend the right database solution regardless of the vendor. RVA has the experienced staff to provide solutions from the largest mainframe down to the PC.

All companies that use information in the daily course of performing their business tasks usually have that data stored in a database. In today's ever-changing business climate, the need for up-to-date and reliable data is of the utmost importance to a business. In most companies, where data is vital to executing the functions of the business, data is considered to be as much an asset of the company as a building or piece of furniture. That is why the building of a reliable database is a crucial business function in today's economy.

RVA specializes in building database software applications using database software products. If you use or are planning to use databases and products to run your business, RVA can provide consulting expertise to your company in the following areas:

* Access Administration

*SQL Data Design

*MS Access Design

*Telephone Support

*Remote Access

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Business Customization

Let RVA develop a Database customized to fit your company's needs.




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