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Antivirus Services

Anti-Virus Software protects your PC from online identity theft, detects and eliminates spy ware, removes viruses and Internet worms and more. Real-time protection automatically identifies and blocks users from visiting transient, fraudulent sites. Wireless intruder detection and blocking identifies and prevents unknown computers from connecting to yours. Antivirus automatically removes malicious programs entering through operating system holes, including spy ware, worms, and viruses.

Full Service Antivirus

(Software included)

RVA Direct will:

* Assure Antivirus is up to date

* Set up weekly and monthly antivirus scan

* Renew software automatically


One time Installation of Norton Antivirus

(Software included)

RVA Direct will:

* Install software, run initial updates

* Run full system scan

* Verify backups at time of installation


Business Customization

Let RVA develop a Database customized to fit your company's needs.




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